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"Santa Claus ... 'fraid not."

Okay, everyone, here's my Christmas gift to the community ... you'll need WinZip for it, of course.

The Gotham Lights Unofficial Soundtrack, Volume One

1. Nick Cave - There Is A Light (Theme)
2. Siouxie and the Banshees - Face 2 Face (Catwoman)
3. All-American Rejects - Night Drive (Batman and Robin)
4. Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin' Down (Sugar)
5. Alkaline Trio - Prevent This Tragedy (Two-Face)
6. Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid (Riddler)
7. Green Day - Extraordinary Girl (Allie)
8. E.S Posthumus - Tikal
9. All-American Rejects - Top Of The World (Ra's Al Ghul)
10. Michael Buble - Feelin' Good (Max Shreck)
11. Call Me Alice - Life 101 (Dr. Crane)
12. The Killing Joke - Harlequin (Harley)
13. Prince - Partyman (The Joker)
14. The Coasters - Poison Ivy (Pamela)
15. Aimee Allen - Revolution (Babs)
16. Better Than Ezra - One More Murder (Commissioner Gordon)
17. Collective Soul - The World I Know (Leslie)
18. Blue Man Group feat. Esthero - White Rabbit (Mad Hatter)
19. Newsies - Once And For All (Knox)
20. E.S Posthumus - Ebla
21. Danny Elfman - The Batman Theme
Bonus Track - (will not fit on 700mb CDs). Paul McCartney - English Tea (Alfred)

Note: The CD liner graphics may need to be resized and trimmed, depending on what program you use. They were fine in PSP, but I had to print them on my Dad's computer with Paint, and they had to be resized. They resize well, though, so no worries.

Enjoy, ladies!
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