Jack Napier (____jokesonyou) wrote in lights_ooc,
Jack Napier

Me again. :X

So I was going through my Jack's flist today, just to keep up, and I noticed that there are a few new characters that I didn't even realize were part of the game. ^^; And I also noticed that not everyone has friended everyone.

Since we're all supposed to be connected and stuff, is there anyway we can get a post with all the journals? Or at least, a post to let us know when new people join and what their journals are? :X Cause I totally had no idea that Jervis has a journal all setup and stuff. Jack had to friend him.

So yeah. This is me being a pest. And spamming the OOC comm.

And completely OT here, Ang, but I had to let you know that the first thing I noticed in the Crane/Harvey log you just posted, was the 2 lines at the bottom with Jack's name. >>; Is that sad?
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Is not spam! Is GOOD Marie! NICE Marie. Have biscuit!! *grin*

There are links on the taken characters page now, to all the journals. Will that do? It's in the comm memories.