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Forward-Dated :: Game Resources

This is just a list of links that might come in handy while writing. If you want to add a link, just leave a comment. It can be anything from canon rundowns, posts from a comm like scans_daily,or Bat-related Wikipedia entries to information about things concerning your character - like the long-term effects of electrical shock, certain poisonous plants, or even a list of police dispatch codes (we've got one).

Point is, we're trying to save you room on your Favorites list. XD

Bat-Related Links - Movie and Comic Canon

Wikipedia Entries

Batman Category Index
Batman (first film)
Batman Returns (second film)
Batman Forever (third film)
Gotham City

Map of Gotham City

The DC Universe Calendar

Other General Links

A Dictionary of Names (For those of you hard-up for false aliases)
Police Dispatch Codes
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