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Forward-Dated :: Game Timeline

For your convenience (and your mods', too ... eheheh), I present:

1992 or '93 (open for debate)

The events of Batman take place.


Late December
The events of Batman Returns take place.


October 31:

The events at the end of Batman Forever take place.

November 1st:

Sugar and Spice rescue Two-Face from a watery fate.

November 12th:

Sugar pays a visit to Arkham Asylum - and to Edward Nygma.

November 21st:

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson decide to hold a charity ball for Gotham University.

November 23rd:

Evening: Catwoman returns to Gotham City.

November 24th:

Max Shreck returns to Gotham City.

November 25th:

The Villain Influx of '95 continues as Henri Ducard comes to Gotham City.

November 26th:

Just Past Midnight: Alina Rigby runs away from home and finds herself forming an impromptu alliance with Ducard.

Mid-morning: Max Shreck and Harleen Quinzel meet.

Mid-afternoon: Pamela Isley faces "The devil's proposition".

8 PM: The 'infamous' Gotham University charity ball.

In which.....
* Dick and Pamela meet
* Max Shreck makes his entrance - and his acquaintance with Dr. Crane
* Shreck butts heads with Commissioner Gordon and meets Dick
* Pamela is called away by Dr. Woodrue

Late Night: Pamela Isley comes to an agreement with Dr. Woodrue, in which "The pupil supplants the master".

November 27th:

Early Afternoon: Dr. Crane begins his sessions with Jack Napier.

Late Afternoon: Jervis Tetch reflects on his dismissal from Wayne Enterprises.

November 28th:

Late Evening: Dr. Crane and Max Shreck form an alliance.

November 29th:

Early morning - Jason Woodrue's body is found in Gotham Harbor. Later, back at the Batcave, Bruce and Dick make a few discoveries and deductions.

Mid-morning - Bruce and Dick obtain some rudimentary results for Dr. Woodrue's postmortem bloodwork.

Late morning - Alexander Knox meets with Commissioner Gordon.

Mid-afternoon - Dick asks Pamela to dinner.

November 30th:

2:04 AM - Catwoman meets Two-Face at Tricorner Yards as he reclaims his territory.

December 1st:

1:29 AM - Jonathan Crane makes a name for himself - and a new acquaintance.

9:49 AM - Alexander Knox runs into Max Shreck, possibly netting himself the scoop of the month.

December 2nd:

Just after midnight - Two-Face and the Scarecrow have their second meeting. Information is exchanged and a deal is made.

December 5th:

Edward Nygma's release is approved by Arkham Asylum.

This calendar will be updated as important events take place. Important events aren't necessarily plot-driven ... characters' first posts will be considered important events, as well. They are not always actual journal entries, either. If you feel that other players need to know a date or time that something took place, leave a comment here and it can be added to the calendar. For example ... Pamela Isley is already involved with Dr. Woodrue at the start of the game, but Kate may (or may not) choose to make a note on the game calendar of the date that she began to work with him. The movies' time span is also included here, for reference... which also means that if you want to add someone's reflection on events that happened during those times, you're more than free to go for it.

You're not limited to a specific time period - though the game starts in November of '95 and works it way onward, you're more than welcome to flashbacks and other history posts. Just please, please consider other players' characters and how they might be affected if you choose to write slightly ahead.

Also, I take this time to note, once more, that the first three Batman movies are the only ones considered game canon. Batman Begins is to be used as a framework, and ... well ... we're hoping people just plain ignore Batman & Robin because ... yes.


The calendar is your friend. Check it when you need it. Use it. Add to it. Love the calendar. It loves you, too. ;D

~ Ang

PS. If you want an event marked by a journal post to be added to the calendar, do your nice lovely mods a favor and include a link to said entry in your comment? I'll love you for it. Really, I will.
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